Being a health enthusiast with a passion for baking, Theeta ‘Uang’ Hotrakitya soon realised that her hobby had huge potential in Thailand and was much in demand. ‘Allergen free food is very difficult to find here and is often imported, so loses the homemade touch. After finding out my autistic son had a gluten intolerance, I was in the kitchen straight away trying to make his favourite foods gluten free and still as delicious. He is my inspiration’. 

As many of you will know, research indicates a gluten free diet can be beneficial to children with autism, another driving factor behind Uang’s passion alongside the health benefits of allergen free and vegan food. ‘Healthy food can still be delicious and I really believe we should be looking more at the ingredients in our foods. Eating well has so many benefits, not only linked to weight loss but also stress and productivity’.

‘I never stop developing my recipes, I am always looking for ways to improve them and expand the menu so that my customers have more choice. It is just the perfectionist in me, along with my team of patient staff!’.

A big part of allergen free baking is experimenting. Getting the perfect taste takes time and dedication and that certainly shines through at Theera. Quality, organic ingredients are incredibly important at Theera. Where possible, we support local retailers and collaborate with many local businesses who share our ethos such as Patom and Broccoli Revolution.

Prior to opening Theera, Uang studied at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and started selling her homemade products via Facebook. After an overwhelming response from her customers, she decided to open a shop. Theera now has 3 branches and is looking to expand further in the future. We also offer work experience opportunities to people with learning differences.


To replace wheat flour, we use brown rice flour, almond flour, buckwheat flour, tapioca flour or cornstarch.
To replace dairy, we use soy milk, rice milk or almond milk.
To replace butter, we use rice bran shortening or allergen-free vegan butter.
To replace egg, we use flaxseed, fruit, or vegetable puree.
To replace cream, we use rice cream or vegetable puree.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help.


Use this FAQ to understand more about our products and how carefully select ingredients to product great tasting allergen free, healthy products. If you need to know anything else, please get in touch.

Where do you ship?

We can use overnight refrigerated shipping to almost anywhere in Thailand. If your province isn’t listed, please email us for a quote.

How do I know which gluten-free ingredients are used in your products?

We mainly use brown rice, almond, buckwheat, and millet flours. We also use a small amount of tapioca, potato, and corn flours in some recipes.

Is your kitchen completely gluten free?

We still bake some whole wheat-based products in our kitchen. However, we separate all utensils and equipment to ensure our gluten-free products are as safe as possible.

What is vegan at Theera?

80% of our desserts are GF and vegan and around 20% are solely vegan. Please see our everything vegan page to see all vegan products and check the product descriptions for ingredient information.

What do you use to replace egg and dairy products?

We replace egg with fruit puree, flax seeds or egg replacer.

For dairy products, we use soy milk, rice milk, or coconut milk.

But is it really healthy?

In general, our products contain 20-30% less calories than normal ones. Our main ingredients, such as brown rice, almond, and buckwheat flours, are healthier than normal wheat flour used in other bakeries. These ingredients are more nutritious and are rich in fiber, vitamin B and calcium.

What do you use as sweetener?

We mainly use brown sugar, coconut nectar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia or dates.

Can you make customised cakes/products?

Yes, we do. We can make cakes free from any allergens as well as decorative cakes such as simple decoration (written message, 4-5 days notice) or novelty cakes (7-10 days notice). Pick up if from our Sukhumvit 42 branch only or we can deliver, price depending on the distance. Please either email us by clicking here or call us at 090-506-2222 for more details.

Are you completely organic?

We try as much as possible to use organic products. Most of our main ingredients such as brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, as well as flax seeds are organic.

How long can I keep your products for? Can they go in the freezer?

Please see the product details for each product in our shop https://theerahealthybakeroom.com/shop/. You can also freeze everything, individually wrapped with cling film, for 1-2 months.

Are the main courses and other items on the menu available for delivery?

Not at the moment but you can call to place an order and come pick it up at our Sukhumvit 42 branch.

So what's the deal with delivery from your online shop?

At the moment, we are only delivering to certain areas but if you want to order a custom cake or any order over 1000 baht for delivery outside of these areas, give us a call or email and we will give you a quote for delivery. Currently we delivery to Thong Lor, Phrom Phong, Asok, Nana, Phra Khanong, On Nut, Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udom Suk, Ploen chit, Chit Lom, Siam, Ratchthewi, Phaya Thai, National Stadium, Racthdamri, Sala Daeng, Chong Nonsi.


For any other questions, please either email us by clicking here or call us on 090-506-2222.