How do I know which gluten-free ingredients are used in your products?

We mainly use brown rice, almond, buckwheat, and millet flours.  We also use a small amount of tapioca, potato, and corn flours in some recipes.


Is your kitchen completely gluten free?

We still bake some whole wheat-based products in our kitchen. However, we separate all utensils and equipment to ensure our gluten-free products are as safe as possible.


What is vegan at Theera?

Even though all of our desserts are gluten-free, 90% of them are also vegan. Please check each products' allergen-information or send us an email to see which do not contain egg and dairy products. 


What do you use to replace egg and dairy products?

We replace egg with fruit puree, flax seeds or egg replacer.  

For dairy products, we use soy milk, rice milk, or coconut milk.


But is it really healthy?

In general, our products contain 20-30% less calories than regular ones. Our main ingredients, such as brown rice, almond, and buckwheat flours, are healthier than normal wheat flour used in other bakeries. These ingredients are more nutritious and are rich in fiber, vitamin B and calcium.  


What do you use as sweetener?

We mainly use brown sugar, coconut nectar, maple syrup, stevia or dates.


Can you make customised cakes/products?

Yes, we do. We can make cakes free from any allergens as well as decorative cakes such as simple decoration (written message, 4-5 days notice) or novelty cakes (7-10 days notice). Pick up if from our Sukhumvit 42 branch only or we can deliver, price depending on the distance. Please either email us by clicking here or call us at 090-506-2222 for more details. 


Are you completely organic?

We try as much as possible to use organic products. Most of our main ingredients such as brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, as well as flax seeds are organic.


How long can I keep your products for? Can they go in the freezer?

You can keep our cakes in the fridge for 5-7 days, breads and bars for 2 weeks and cookies and granola for 2 months. You can also freeze everything, individually wrapped with cling film, for 1-2 months. 


Are the main courses and other items on the menu available for delivery?

Sure, check it our shop to see what is available or give us a call.


For any other questions, please either email us or call us on 090-506-2222.


Where are we?

We have branches in Bangkok at Sukhumvit 42 (Ekamai BTS), and Ekamai 10 so there is no excuse not to visit!

Essential Info

Open 8am-6pm daily.

Separate equipment used for gluten free.

Kids menu available, high chair and toys.

Contact Us

Phone: 090-506-222

Line: @theera_bakeroom

Email: theerahealthybakeroom


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