After starting out by selling her products from home via Facebook to opening 4 branches across Bangkok and Phuket, Uang and her teams at both Theera and Steps with Theera (her sister organisation that supports training and employment for people with learning differences) have been on an amazing journey.

Some of the highs from the owner: seeing the look of relief on so many customers faces as they realise there’s a place they can safely eat whether it’s due to allergies or lifestyle choice. Oh and we just so happened to make our gluten free bread for Katy Perry and Bruno Mars when they were in Bangkok!

Hang on, why is it called Theera? We get asked this all the time! My formal name is Theeta and I mixed it with my mums name to became Theera as my mum supported us during our early days.

Can gluten free and/or vegan really taste good? Our aim is not to exactly recreate every typical cake recipe as that means using lots of replacement ingredients which aren’t always good for you. We create healthier versions of typical cakes which often means they are gluten free or vegan anyway. I think our many positive reviews mean our customers are happy 😉

Favourite thing to bake? I go through phases and eventually someone will say ‘Uang we can’t eat this anymore!’ and I move to something else. Macarons, brownies, cookies are all products I continuously redevelop and make new types. I like cakes that are challenging, like I recently made an Aperol cake for a customers birthday.

What’s next for Theera: We are launching our new website today and inviting customers old and new to join us for a month of celebration in June. Our first 100 website customers will get 20% off their orders and we will run other promos throughout the whole month. We also have lots of regular yummy cakes now (all prepared separately) which have become really popular.

This beautiful Victoria Sponge can be made regular or gluten free and vegan. Delicious no matter which you pick!